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Meet Cole, the resilient and sweet cat who has overcome challenges with grace. Cole’s journey started as a stray who found his way to us. Despite his hardships, Cole’s gentle and affectionate nature has captured our hearts.
After Cole’s arrival, we noticed he had difficulty keeping his tail clean after using the litter box. Our dedicated vet examined him and discovered he was dealing with paralysis near his back end. In an effort to improve his quality of life, we made the decision to amputate Cole’s tail for sanitary reasons. While this helped, Cole still faces some of the same issues, occasionally struggling with bowel control. 
Don’t be fooled by his challenges – Cole is a determined and loving feline who embraces life like any other cat. He is skilled at using the litter box and his playful spirit shines through. What makes Cole truly exceptional is his nurturing nature. He takes it upon himself to care for the kittens that enter his colony. However, it’s his turn to experience the warmth and comfort of a forever home.
Could you be the special person that Cole has been waiting for? He longs for a loving and understanding home where he can be cherished for his unique qualities. If you’re ready to open your heart to this remarkable cat, please reach out to PAWS at (719) 543-6464 to learn more about Cole. Your compassion could be the key to giving Cole the loving forever home he truly deserves.

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PAWS for Life’s mission is to help lost or unwanted animals; to return lost ones to their owners whenever possible or after having them spayed or neutered, place them in good homes; and to educate the public about intelligent and humane treatment of animals.



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